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Intake call

Free intake call to feel into what resonates

In this call we will meet and mingle.

I will talk about what I offer in more detail and also hold space for you to share what your needs are.

If you book a Divine Coaching session we will also set up the first call, so please make sure you have your calendar close by.


Discovery Truth Order

2 week Trial

We will have 2 LIVE online transmission calls 1:1 and you will have access to the recording and other content (breathwork, truth experiences and yoga) to support your journey.


Montly Truth Order (private)

We dive deeply into Truth experiences and perception changes for a month.

We will have 4 LIVE transmission calls 1:1 for an hour.

You will also get access to content (breathwork, truth experiences and yoga) you can do in support of your journey.


Divine Truth Order

A deep dive into a truthful experience with life for 6 months.

We will have 4 LIVE transmission calls a month 1:1

(that adds up to 24 Live calls)

You will have access to a VIP membership area with breathwork, truth experiences, yoga sequences and other bonus surprises with new content supplied on a weekly basis. The content shared is very dense and I advise to give time for the information to settle and integrate.

You will access to my personal number so we will have direct contact when ever needed.